A Few Chad And Jeremy Pictures

Chad and Jeremy in a thoroughly modern artsy pose, 1964, and a 1965 photo that ended up on "More Chad & Jeremy".

Several photos from the summer of 1965. Top left, Chad and Jeremy look decidedly bored at a Sacramento press party. Top right, Chad with his late, lamented doublenecked Gibson, which was a bitch to play: this photo is the basis for the "Teenage Failure" 45 sleeve. To the right, Chad being "chatted up" by two ladies, one of which (the one on the right, obviously!) looks distinctly like Jill.








Two signed World Artists era photos - on the left, by Jeremy, and on the right by Chad.

A nice Columbia publicity photo from 1965, alongside a newpaper clipping from 1965.


At the same time that the previous photo was being distributed, Columbia also had head shots of each of the duo printed up.

Columbia had big hopes for the “The Cruel War” single. So confident were they that this was the beginning of a new duo, Chad & Jill, that a publicity campaign was mounted for the one-off recording. On the right, the sheet music for "You Are She".


On the left, Chad and Jeremy on the Merv Griffin Show on NBC in 1965. Notice Jeremy's hat, also worn on the "I Don't Want To Lose You Baby" LP cover.On the right, a newspaper for WMCA radio, from August of 1966.

Two pictures of C&J from Dick Van Dyke, shamelessly screengrabbed from a recent rebroadcast.

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